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Relationships are important and we are hard wired for connection. Although this may be true we've all experienced times in our journey in relationship with self and/or others when you aren't on the same page, maybe a life transition got you off track and you need help getting back on the right path

I often hear from parents around their struggles to understand their child's needs, or individual clients who desire to understand their own struggles and those they face in relationship with others. For sure, I know first hand what it's like to experience a rupture in relationship and the uncertainty around how to make things better. Has this happened to you? With family members? friends? A romantic relationship? With your children? or with yourself?

I'm here to help guide you through that process. When you have a child who's behavior you don't understand, when there's distance between you and a family member, or perhaps you're struggling internally to be in better relationship with yourself. If this sounds familiar let's continue the conversation and think together about the path towards healing that is best for YOU!

Have you ever struggled internally or in your relationships with your children or family?

Empty Road

“Two roads diverged
in a wood, and I—
I took the one
less traveled by.
And that has made
all the difference.”

- “The Road Not Taken,” Robert Frost, 1915

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