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Meet The Therapist


Welcome! I'm Renee Stewart your founder and licensed clinical social worker at Two Roads Therapy & Consultation, a licensed Mental Health Service Provider based in Maryland - here to guide you through life’s most complex and difficult matters. So here's the thing, I truly believe in the power of relationships. I believe we are hurt and healed in relationships. Relationship and connection are my jam. However I also know that although we're wired for connection, it doesn't come easy at times. I'm here to help.


Throughout your experience perhaps you've come to see relationships as dangerous or not worth having, maybe there was a rupture but you're now ready to reimagine the relationship within yourself and the people you live and love around. I'm not a couples therapist, I simply enjoy helping families, and individuals foster healthier connections with the self, and with others.

After obtaining my masters in social work in 2013, I've held a number of roles: case manager in supportive housing, director of a school based program, mental health consultant, and psychotherapist. Within those roles I have provided a number of specialized therapeutic and consultative services to parents, school sites, children, adolescents, and individuals. I've worked for a number of years as an Early Childhood Mental Health Consultant in Maryland building teacher and caregiver capacity to understand and respond to children's challenging behaviors that maintains a sense of safety and trust.


However, out of all of those roles, I found myself coming back to focusing on attachment and relationships. I believe in drawing a deeper understanding of behavior from this framework and that in doing so we can ultimately understand ourselves better and those we seek to be in relationship with.  Not to brag, but I am a Certified Circle of Security Facilitator. I'm especially proud of this because I can now bring the news about secure caregiving relationships to my families. I can also help individuals with understanding the role of past experiences and current functioning. This is my life's work and I'd be more than happy to walk this path with you. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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