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Specialized Services 

We offer cash pay coaching and consultation for parents, caregivers, and families in need of help navigating family dynamics with adult family members, or child & adolescent relationship and behavioral concerns. 

Online Intensive Family Coaching 

Coaching and the deep work of psychotherapy are different. The work of coaching focuses on resolving a specific problem involving relationships that is short-term and solution-focused. This is a 5 week program where we'll get down to the root of the issues you and your loved ones are facing in being in relationship,  and devise practical strategies to help your family quickly get back on track.


Online Confident Me, Confident We Parent Coaching 

This coaching program focuses on building the caregiver capacity to manage behaviors and show up in confident and loving ways for their young child. The challenge of understanding how to be in relationship with your challenging child and make sure you're giving enough of yourself can feel overwhelming. Striking a balance and showing up as a confident caregiver will directly impact your child and the relationship you all build together. 

Let's Work Together

If you're interested in scheduling a call to discuss payment options please schedule a 15 min consultation with us!

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